St. Vincent's Home for Aids Patients

A very frightened mother with two young children arrived at the Divine Care Center around midnight, in the winter of 1996. She and her children had been chased out of their village because they had AIDS. Her husband, the children’s father, had recently died of the disease.

This young family’s plight became the catalyst for the creation of a 100 bed After Care Center. The St. Vincent’s Home for AIDS Patients was opened in 1997. Currently, 87 adults and 13 children are living in safety at the home.

For the residents, it is a happy place where they experience love and concern. No one is made to feel an outcast. The children play their games, sing and dance with real joy and delight. The men and women express their joy in living, thankful for every moment of their lives.

The Vijay Amritraj Foundation is a proud sponsor of the expert medical care provided by a dedicated team of doctor’s. The goal is to alleviate the suffering, and to sustain the health of the AIDS patients. Many arrive in the deepest depths of depression. Within a few weeks, they experience a new life – an inner healing. Divine’s trained counsellor’s work closely with each resident and the medical team to identify and treat resident’s physical and emotional needs.

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