The Vijay Amritraj Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Shantipuram – Abode of Peace. The Shantipuram is home to nearly 450 mentally ill patients. All the residents of this Center have expressed their pain at being rejected by their families and society. The greatest merit of this Center is its approach to the residents. All the staff and volunteers mingle with the residents freely treating residents as family.

In 2002 the Shantipuram opened it doors to nurture the Mentally Ill. Currently specialists in psychiatry rate the specialized “Love Therapy” programs as one of the most successful approaches to psychiatric care.

There is a daily planned program to keep the residents active and to lead as normal a life as possible. There is morning exercise, group paper reading and presentation of news by each group, competitions, and games. In the evenings, many of the residents do gardening, take walks and play outdoor games. Half of the residents are able to do simple chores – gardening, kitchen duties and cleaning. All the residents are taught to clean and look after their personal space.

The Bakery, which opened a year ago, provides jobs to 30 residents who work in the packing department. On an average day, the bakery produces 1,500 loaves of bread which helps to feed residents and neighbors. There are other small cottage industries that provide residents with job skills such as a soda water bottling facility, statue production facility, and a gift shop.

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