Parikrma Humanity Foundation

Parikrma Humanity Foundation was formed in 2003 with a mission to unleash the potential of the poor living in the slums and streets of urban India. The long term vision is to create sustained change by transforming whole communities.

We live in a knowledge based economy. Relevant knowledge is what helps individuals compete with others and run successful lives. The poor cannot hope to break their cycle of poverty without this edge. Doling out food, clothing and money gives only temporary relief.

The poor can change their condition if they have what it takes to compete successfully.

Large scale change depends on the success of creating change at the micro level. Parikrma has identified the “Family” with a focus on the child as the micro level unit for creating change.

Parikrma’s goal is to create, test and put in practice a sustainable and scalable model for poverty alleviation at the grassroots.

The Parikrma Model is a 360° Development Program (3DP) that gives the poorest of the poor the ability to compete on equal terms. Parikrma gives them the tools that will create a level playing field, enabling the poor to break their cycle of poverty. The rest is left to individual initiative, drive and perseverance.

Giving the poor the edge to compete is not a quick fix. It takes time, effort and nurturing to provide ability and skills - something that is best done from a really young age. And so, children form the core of the 3DP program.

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