Naz Foundation

The NAZ Foundation is a New Delhi based organization focused on caring for and providing education to children with HIV/AIDS. The number of HIV/AIDS positive children requiring care has increased tremendously since NAZ opened their doors in 1994. The NAZ Care Home accepts children of any age living with the virus. Presently, children range in age from 9 months to 12 years. School age children attend regular schools, and excel in studies via the NAZ Care Home programs.

NAZ programs include raising awareness, preventing the spread of HIV, education and most importantly, providing support to those living with the HIV/AIDS virus.

The Naz Care Home started in the summer of 2000 and now boasts of tending to 29 children and 5 women living with HIV. A committed staff that includes a full-time doctor, two nurses, and six dedicated care workers has helped the children blossom in a way that no one could have imagined when the first child walked through the door.

Care for children living with HIV and AIDS hasn’t been a priority. Most often, funds flow into prevention. This neglects those living with HIV. It is estimated that more than a million children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.

Naz Care Home accepts children of any age living with the virus. Presently, children range in age from 9 months to 12 years. School-age children attendregular schools, and excel in studies. Most had never gone to school before arriving at Naz. They are seen daily by a doctor- minimizing the risks of opportunistic infections and providing supervision for those children on anti-retroviral therapy. Meals are designed with an emphasis on well-balanced nutrition. Children take yoga classes three days a week, and are assisted in their homework and playtime by volunteers from the community.

The Care Home is supported through donations, and some children are sponsored by community members, and benefactors from abroad. A full-time coordinator and a care home counselor allow for supervision of the children daily with a focus on each child’s holistic development.

Naz Care Home is a place for children with nowhere else to go! But, more than that it is a place where these children live a full life that places priority on their health while letting them live as a child, and not as a patient.

Mission Statement

HIV/AIDS are complex issues that affect all our lives whatever the gender, class, caste, religion, sexuality and sexual orientation. We at Naz India are committed to raising awareness to prevent the spread of HIV and providing support to those living with the virus and those affected by it, with sensitivity and utmost confidentiality.

A typical day at Naz

  • Breakfast: A hearty meal of parathas and milk.
  • Medicines: All kids take their 7am and 7pm medicines supervised by a Nurse.
  • School: All kids attend school, execpt the pre-school age kids who stay with caregivers.
  • Lunch: Dal, rice and vegetables are served to all the kids.
  • Tutoring: All kids receive tutoring with homework and special needs.
  • Yoga: Three days a week a yoga teacher comes to teach a class.
  • TV,Computer and Free time activities: Relax and rest time.
  • Dinner: All kids eat dinner together with their caregivers.
  • Prayer: Before bedtime, kids enjoy singing prayers to give thanks.
  • Lights out: Each kid retires to their own bed for a restful sleep after a full day .

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