Mitra Jyothi

The Vijay Amritraj Foundation proudly supports Mitra Jyothi in their mission to improve the lives of the disabled. Mitra Jyothi believes that all persons with disabilities have the potential to become independent and self sufficient and given the right opportunities they can achieve their goals and play a useful, rewarding role in the community.

Mitra Jyothi is a registered charitable organization formed in 1990 with the objective of integrating persons with disability into mainstream society. Although initially set up for the empowerment of visually challenged persons, Mitra Jyothi has now extended their work to cover persons with other disabilities as well.

We believe that people with disabilities can play a useful role in society provided they are given the opportunity to learn the basic skills that others learn. To this end, Mitra Jyothi has designed a variety of training and support programs that will assist persons with disabilities to become independent and instill in them the confidence to achieve their goals.

Mitra Jyothi also participate with NGOs and Government bodies for the advocacy to provide proper rights to the persons with disability according to the Disability Act 1995 (Equal opportunities, Protection of Rights and full participation).

However we still have a long way to go. The number of people with disabilities who need support is large. They need all the assistance they can get if our dream of empowering them is to come true.

Mission Statement

We assist people with disability to become independent by:
  • Making them aware of their rights and responsibilities.
  • Providing them with an enabling atmosphere through networking with other organizations and people.
  • Designing training programs that teach them coping skills.
  • Supplementing educational needs.
  • Vocational training.
  • Job placements.

About the Founder

Ms Madhu Singhal is visually impaired. She was born in Rohtak, Haryana in 1959. Her visual impairment did not deter her. She passed B.A with 1st division and was selected "The Best All Rounder Student" from Vaish woman college, Maharishi Dayanad University, Rohtak (Haryana) in 1981. She continued her M.A in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music in Maharishi Dayanand University and got again a 1st division in 1983. Ms Madhu Singhal moved to Bangalore and after going to various training courses for visually impaired and also learning Kannada, the local language, she established Mitra Jyothi in 1990 so that she could help visually impaired women to gain confidence and dignity and become useful citizens. Through Mitra Jyothi, She initiated and is continuing to operate various programs for education and training of visually impaired and other disabilities

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